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Dental Practices Take Advantage of The Latest Rise in Cosmetic Dentistry

UK citizens are no strangers to being made fun of for yellow or crooked teeth, and even though cosmetic dentistry has become increasingly popular over recent years, there was nothing compared to the rise in 2020.

Described as the “Zoom Boom”, many people around the country all of a sudden found themselves in front of their computer screens and seeing their faces looking back at them more often. This has meant we have become more self conscious about how we look, and it turns out we are very insecure about our teeth.

According to current stats, the global market has predicted a 5% growth for cosmetic dentistry procedures, increasing cosmetic dentistry’s value to an estimated £21 billion.

So, what can local dental practices do not to miss out?

As people have been locked up in home and behaviours have changed - this has meant a lot of customers are now taking to online (more than ever before) to shop around, and this is true for cosmetic dental treatments too.

So if your client base has moved online, it is time for you too as well. Already have a website? Ask yourself how well is it currently converting?

We spoke to two dentists in South East England to see how they’ve changed their services over the last years and how it has really helped them.

Cosmetic dentist in Surrey, Dr Ali Rifai comments: During the lockdown, we have found that the interest in our cosmetic procedures like dental implants have definitely increased. Now, more than ever, we are receiving a lot of enquiries coming through the website. As soon as we went into lockdown, we knew that we had to evolve, which means investing a lot more in our website and our SEO management, and because of this we are seeing great responses. For an example of how we have grown, take a look at this page.

Implantologist Dr Philip McCauley, who owns a cosmetic dentistry clinic in Poole, Dorset commented: When the first lockdown happened, we knew as a practice we had to do more in order to survive. This meant we integrated Zoom calls into our services and took this as an opportunity to connect to more patients through social media and our website, where we could educate them about our miracle restorative procedures like dental implants (see what we’ve done here).
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Our top tips:

  1. Update your website
  2. Make sure your website is regularly maintained with new information and content
  3. Share images, reviews and facts about your practice to social media
  4. Start a Google My Business account to be found in Google Local’s search
  5. Implement keywords to your website
  6. Answer key customer questions on your homepage