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Social Media Marketing Why:Social Media

If you’re a business owner who has questions about why they should be using social media, that’s one of the things I am here to help with!

Social Networking has a range of benefits for business use – the important thing is to start with your own “why”.

“Why do you want to use social media”?

Creating a strategy based on your business goals is an important part of using any marketing effectively, rather than just jumping in because you think you should, or because everyone else is doing it.  My approach with the clients I work with is to help them “join up” their thinking so that their business plans and goals, flow through social platforms in the same way they do elsewhere in online and offline marketing.

Creating a purpose (answering the why) definitely helps with creating targeted, relevant content that you enjoy writing and are passionate about.  Here are just a few of the reasons you may want to integrate social media into your business

  • For Business Development
  • To promote events
  • To promote publications and books you wrote
  • To build your network
  • To keep in touch with people you already know
  • To build a referral network
  • To manage your reputation online
  • For Customer Service
  • To interact with others in your industry including industry leaders
  • To widen your visibility
  • To create and share content as a Thought Leader
  • To help your online presence
  • Build a community around what you do

What next?

Now you know why social media for business – where is your audience online?